What is Remarketing?

Remarketing, also known as retargeting, is a type of online advertising that works by targeting previous users. Remarketing works by adding a snippet of code on your site that drops a cookie on your users’ browsers, allowing you to show them ads as they browse the web. There are many different ways in which retargeting can be implemented. For example, a hotel looking to increase Weddings RFPs would retarget users who have landed on the hotel’s weddings page and left without filling out the form.

How can Remarketing Help Your Hotel?

These otherwise lost guests can be reengaged with remarketing by being served ads as he or she browses the web. For these ads to work more efficiently, a special offer or discount, available only to those lost users, is highly recommended.

Retargeting is a way to reengage those visitors who left the site without completing their reservation.

For some people, it takes more than one visit to make the final decision to book. In today’s multi-screen, fast-paced world, where users are constantly being pulled on all sides, remarketing becomes a handy tool to reengage those previously lost users and remind them that you’re still there.