Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Why Your Hotel Needs SEO

Let Leading North optimize your website in a way that is friendly to both users and search engines. Grow your business organically with Leading North’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. At Leading North, we aim to optimize for themes that generate bookings, not just rankings.


Our Methodology:


Initial Research

First we take a look the size, amenities, and facilities of your property, as well as your current online presence. We perform a thorough website audit and look at your current on-page SEO elements, social media pages, local directories, web analytics, and more. This phase establishes your website’s business goals and selects a target audience.

Keyword Research

Keywords are chosen based on themes. These themes are identified based on your business goals and description.

Strategy Development

We use the results of the initial research to develop a customized strategy for your website. This is the time when we determine the focus that each page needs and identify the on-page elements that need to be added or updated.


We optimize the entire website based on the strategy developed by our team. We edit and update the following on-page SEO elements: meta tags, internal linking, current sitemap, schema markup, image alt-text, and content strategy.

Ongoing Optimization

The ongoing optimization process includes constant monitoring of website ranks, target audience, market forces, and inbound and outbound link quality.

Local Optimization

We make sure your hotel is listed correctly, uniquely, and consistently throughout the internet’s multitude of local directories.