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Digital Marketing Synergy for Hotels

Digital Marketing Synergy and Why it is so Important for Hotels Synergy among different digital marketing channels has become increasingly important in the past few years. As customers become more connected, more complex marketing strategies…

On-Page SEO Infographic

Learn how to best optimize your hotel's website with this easy-to-understand on-page SEO infographic. Courtesy of: Quick Sprout  

Google SERP Explained

What is the SERP? The Search Engine Results Page, or SERP, is the page where listings of results based on a keyword or search query appear.  The SERP looks simple enough to the searcher, but it is much more complicated behind the scenes. Elements…

The Ultimate Guide to Google's Algorithm Updates

Understanding Google's Algorithm Updates Doesn't Have To Be Confusing Anymore...   Google algorithm updates can get confusing, especially if search engine optimization is not part of your daily routine. OnCrawl has put together this helpful…